Food Chemistry and Microbiology

  • Food chemistry is the part of chemical process which includes interplay of all biological and nonbiological elements of food. The chemical reaction which takes place in the food averts from spoilage of food, contamination and microbial growth.
  • Food microbiology is the spoilage of food by microorganisms or pathogens when the food is not well cooked or stored properly, which may also cause diseases
  • The experimentation on food microbiology includes designing of new food products preventing from food-borne diseases and also from the microbial germs
  • Track 1-1 Food poisoning and spoilage
  • Track 2-2 Food storage and preservation
  • Track 3-3 Factors affecting food
  • Track 4-4 Food fermentation
  • Track 5-5 Food Nutrition and Dietary supplement

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