Food science and technology

  • Food science is the multifaceted branch that works to semblance and maintain their traits which involves physical, biological and chemical composition to make different foods. Food science is crucial to secure the world’s population enough to eat for absolutely productive working lives nowadays and in the future. Food science deals with security, nutrition and food safety depend on the raw materials and fabricated food.
  • Food technology comprises of selection, distributing, manufacturing, processing, preservation, packaging and use of secured food products.
  • Food researchers and technologists apply scientific disciplines which comprises of chemistry, engineering, microbiology, and nutrition to the study of food to enhance the safety, nutrition, wholesomeness and availability of food
  • Track 1-1 Food processing and packing
  • Track 2-2 Food manufacturing
  • Track 3-3 Food ingredients
  • Track 4-4 Food substitution
  • Track 5-5 Food product development
  • Track 6-6 Food for Corona Virus

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